Hi, my name is Tom Bledzki, and welcome to my blog!

I am originally from Poland.  I moved over to England in 2006 looking for a better future. In the first workplace, one of my colleagues assured me, that as long as I wanted to work hard, in the UK I could achieve anything. The sky is the limit. For 18 years I worked hard, first to pay off some debts. Then to buy a house, then another and another… I have a couple of properties now, and this is my retirement plan. I decided to invest in properties and I have to say, it was a great success thanks to my focus. This allowed me to achieve financial freedom. I bought, sold and renovated a few houses to increase their value. I purchased them using my own or investors’ cash and leveraged the bank’s money.

But my financial freedom didn’t last long.

Right now when interest rates go up my profits go down, hence I decided to look back and start something new. I have one condition- it must be location-independent. Why did I start an online business? Since a c-situation, I have been looking to do an online business. I have been learning a lot about online affiliate marketing. I like the idea of selling someone else’s product for a commission, where I don’t need to produce or ship anything. During this time I came across many programs and got overwhelmed by several options to choose from. I have to admit this is not my first attempt to start making money online. About 15 years ago I started this journey with a different blog. Here is my first blog on Blogspot (yes is in Polish :). I was on the right path but was distracted and this project collapsed.

Now at the age of 45, I start again.

This time with business experience and some cash to spend on advertising. I want this blog to be a diary of my journey, a line in the sand if you will. Join me to see my ups and downs. Why did I decide to write another blog again? I have two reasons for that:
  1. To hold myself accountable for what I want to achieve.
  2. To document my journey.
My blog, my notes of my journey is a place where I share things I learned- or in some cases unlearned.  You will find here that I share the mistakes I’ve made and the lessons I learned from them. This will be a journal of what is working and what is not in my new endeavour. Please save this blog as I invite you to view over my shoulder how things progress, share and comment. I know, that I create my success. It is not a matter of “if” but “when”. But to win a game you have to be in the game. So let the fun begin.