What is Affiliate Marketing!

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What is affiliate marketing?

In this short article, I will try to answer the question above and give you the reason why am I doing it.

Affiliate marketing is a process of selling other people’s products for a commission. As easy as it sounds, it is a real business and must be treated as such. Many beginners think, that they just need to post a few links all over the internet and money will flow.  This is why it has a bad reputation. Without preparation, a solid foundation and without knowledge people hoping for quick bucks. There are many restrictions that new adepts need to know about to avoid disappointment or ban from sites they promote their products to.


At the end of 2022, I decided to learn from someone who’s been successful at online business.

That’s why I joined Internet Profits. This is an affiliate marketing coaching program, founded by Dean Holland from the United Kingdom.

I went through many mentoring programs during my property investing career, and I know that this is the best shortcut to achieve my goals. But to find a good mentor for online marketing is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I had a few disappointments along the way, more about them in my other post.

Time is flying by.

I have to admit, after a year I haven’t used this time fully to grow my online business  🙁

After a good start, I was distracted by other shiny objects, and in the end, I turned full circle and came back to Dean for more mentoring.

I am excited about Dean’s Affiliate System online platform, the one-stop shop for everything I need as an affiliate marketer. Autoresponder, lead generation and funnel builder all under one roof.  This looks so powerful. I feel that I am in the right place at the right time, now with the right tool.

It’s time to use its full potential.

Action time… despite the festive season, I commit to going full steam ahead…



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  1. Milissa Neirotti

    Hi Tom,
    I enjoy reading your blog content. Your thoughts are relatable and inspiring. I wish you the best and look forward to your future posts.
    All the best,
    Milissa Neirotti

    1. Tom

      Thank you.
      I was jumping from program to program. But I realised every time I had to start from scratch.
      That was time-consuming and I wasted a lot of money.
      But I have a good mentor now, and clarity on where I want to go with him.
      No time or space for distractions.
      Have a good day!

  2. Robert Klein


    It’s good to read (in your About Me page) that you are having fun with this venture. I hope to hear about a good #win or two from you as you tell us about that process that creates your success (Step by Step).

    I too have an old blogspot kicking around.

    1. Tom

      Thank you Robert for visiting.
      I will be posting at least once a week, so please visit often,
      I appreciate your support.
      All the best!

  3. Marc

    Hi Tom, I definitely like your “First you Learn” phrase! sure got my attention! Looking forward to reading your journey!

    1. Tom

      Thank you Marc.
      My approach is to learn, implement and share on my blog what worked well and what didn’t.
      Please visit from time to time, we will have a lot of fun!
      Thanks again.

  4. CJ

    Tom, being in the right place at the right time is not an accident. The ability to take advantage of an opportunity is done my preparing one’s self. I sound like you have been preparing for it and not that it’s come you are ready to embark on the journey. I look forward to hearing out your jouney.

    1. Tom

      Thank you CJ.
      Now I have all that I need in terms of tools with Affiliate System. My mentor also helps me to get my mindset right. I trust him and the system he is teaching me and slowly results start to show up. This is encouraging.
      All the best!


    1. Tom

      Thank you Kate,
      yes, for sure.
      I like the saying: Under, over, around or through, whatever it takes, I will do.

  5. Ezequiel

    Hi Tom,

    Your story resonates with many of us who share the drive to aim higher. Like you, I started developing an online business years ago, leveraging technology for additional income. Despite recognizing the real potential, we sometimes lose focus, abandon projects, and later realize we were in the right place all along. Let’s stay focused this time and finish the race ahead. I’ll be following your progress for mutual motivation. Wishing you success!


    1. Tom

      Thank you Ezequiel.
      I like the idea of automation and leverage that is available with online business.
      With access to Affiliate System software, this will be a lot easier to achieve, as finally, I have all the tools I need for affiliate marketing under one brand: websites, landing pages, autoresponder, CRM
      All the best.

  6. Karen Elissabeth

    Hi Tom, I enjoyed reading your story and I love your determination to not give up! This mindset will take you far. I look forward to following your journey. Enjoy a lovely Christmas.

    1. Tom

      Thank you Karen.
      I jumped into a New Year with more determination to succeed, a clear plan and a helping hand from my mentor. I am excited for what is about to come.

  7. Phil Ramage

    Good luck Tom, you are definitely in the right place with Dean, Stay away from shiny objects and try to be more consistent.



    1. Tom

      Thanks Phill for your support.
      I love what Dean does and will follow this path to success.
      He proved that the system works, so now I have to work the system.
      Everything else will follow.
      Thanks again.

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