Proving Myself Wrong: Blogging Thrives in 2023

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I admit, I thought blogging was dead.

I started my first blog in 2008 where the main social media platforms were and founded in 2006 

In my mind, in 2023 all the social media platforms replaced written blog content with videos and easy of use.

But recently I was re-introduced to the blogging concept and visited many blogs, had a good read, real value and shared my comments.

In my opinion with all AI around us, finding blogs with a personal touch filled with true passion has great value. But I started digging deeper and on my question, if people still read blogs in 2023, all articles on the first page of Google, confirmed that blog reading increases every year, and that trend is likely to continue.   

As I decided to start my second blog, I felt liberated. It is my asset, I wanted to have full control since I decided to go for my domain and own hosting- with Siteground. To be fair setting it all up was quite easy and I wondered why I waited so long to start. 

My goal is to use my blog as a tool to hold me accountable. Would be extra beneficial if you could hold me accountable too 🙂 

I mentioned I started my first blog 15 years ago. Now I know where I made mistakes with it:

  1. First of all after a good start, I stopped adding posts. 
  2. The second mistake was that I wasn’t sending any traffic to it. When I didn’t have any readers, I got deflated and gave up. So if you are reading this, just give a small comment, so I will be fired up to do more of it. 

You will notice, that I am not present on social media.  In my opinion, social media are very destractive. It lacks good quality content- what value can you share in 7-second video? I tried to post regularly but found that I was quickly carried away by other’s content. I do not see any freedom of speech there, also had my account closed down for sharing my thoughts.  And to be fair I do not like an algorithm to decide what I should watch next. What is your point of view on that? Let me know in the comment below.

In my business online I do not want any distractions. I tend to leave my phone on silent and in a spare room while working so is not easy to reach. I like to stay away from all negative news- not listening to the radio or TV news etc. I recently even cancelled my TV licence.

I want to have freedom, I prefer to pay for a YT premium subscription, where I can listen to countless hours of good quality content from Alex Hormozi, Rob Moore or Bob Proctor….

It’s very exciting, it is my journey and I document my progress. If I don’t have something to post about, I know I don’t do enough. This is my form of accountability. I hope to be able to look at this in the next 5 years and see all the steps I have taken to achieve the results I want. This time I have the determination to get it right.

I know now it is a good idea to mix different formats, written with videos to keep readers entertained. I know that up to 35% of people just skim through it, others just read pieces of information they have looked for and only a small percentage read through. But I am up for that challenge. I want to create something interesting and worth reading. 

In my next post, I will share which niche I decided to go for. I will go an inch wide and a mile deep to master it. And you dear reader are invited to look over my shoulder.  

This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. tony simms

    Hi great article thanks…. First let me comment on the TV license thing….. be ready for a barrage of ´Jack Booted` letters from Capita assuming you are a criminal and threatening you with investigation, prosecution, fines, and imprisonment! Their approach to anyone who exercises the freedom to choose not to watch live TV is appalling. Rant over! I am interested to hear about the stats regarding blogging and readership. As a new blogger it is good to read that the medium is growing in popularity. I take on board you point about traffic… I have been waiting to set up an email capture system before I send traffic, but I think I just need to start promoting my blog, so as a result of your post I will get on to that this afternoon. Thanks. I wish you all the best

  2. Atif Perwiz

    Tom, blogging is new to me but you are right. I thought it was, not dead but the old way of doing things. Now I have seen huge companies that are blogging and vlogging. I like how it brings focussed people to you that are interested in you and your world. I feel that social media is important if you want to progress in this space but you have to be focussed and disciplined. I will follow your story and will engage on topics we can discussed. All the best. Talk soon. Atif

  3. ezequiel wells

    Hello Tom, first, I want to congratulate you on your for your Blog. It’s easy to read, clean, and without distractions; I like it a lot. Second, I want to say that I share your points of view regarding social media, which are designed to keep us focused on information that has no value. Like you, I don’t dedicate time to social media, news, or any distractions. In my home, we’ve been without a television for more than five years. I wish you much success with your blog, as many people are eager to receive quality content.

  4. David Roper

    Tom, Thank you for this post, it is very inspiring. I also agree that posting through our blog is a way to say waht we want to without the fear of being edited as many social media site are know to do today. I’m Glad you are back posting again as I am new to Blogging and see your inspiration. I’m very excited to see what the future holds!

  5. Martin Lefebvre

    Hi Tom. It’s comforting to hear that blog reading increases. That keeps us motivated and forces us to do our best to write good valuable content. Social medias can be challenging I agree. The problem is you need traffic to your social media page in order to get traffic to your blog. Regular content is duplicated on both places. On this regards, there is so much competition. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You did an awesome job!

  6. Denny Medeiros

    Hi Tom, great blog post! You sound excited about your goals. It’s great to read about your comparison between your past blogging and current blog. I also blogged many years back, and started blogging a few months back. I also wasn’t doing it right the last time. Keep it up and looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Tom

      the first time I wasn’t sure what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve.
      Now I have a clear plan and this blog is just a foundation for my online business.
      The worst part, of setting it up is over.
      Now just a fun part, post regularly and generate traffic so people can see my posts.
      Hence thank you for visiting.


  7. CJ

    Tom, the mind is a valuable thing and what goes in is what comes out. To protect my mind from negativity I spend very little time with news, negative people and social media. If it was up to me I wouldn’t have any tv. However my family still enjoys watching it. I am not against these things, just protective of what goes into my mind. Thanks for your thoughts and look forward to seeing your new blog succeed. CJ

    1. Tom

      Thank you CJ.
      I also prefer to listen to a good audiobook or a podcast.
      Now we have a lot of options, just we need to open our eyes and ears to them.
      When I see negative people I walk away. Previously I tried to change their mindset, but decided that is far easier if I stay focused on my mind’s growth.

      To your success.


  8. Hi Tom, I used to be an obsessed blogger, one time having 5-7 blogs I posted on daily. I learned much from that experience and also gave it up. Now started with a clean slate feels different. AI really helps w categories and seo! Otherwise I write my own stuff.

    1. Tom

      Agree with you Kate.
      Using AI as a tool to help do something is fine.
      But as my mentor said, this blog must be a journal on my journey, hence at this point I am not focusing on SEO, but I will look into it.
      When creating 5-7 posts a day, did you get a lot of traffic from that? So far creating one post takes me a day 🙂

      Practice makes perfect.


  9. Alison Blaire

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Tom! I totally agree in this new world of AI it is so hard to find blogs and posts that are authentic. I struggled with this when first starting out, I thought AI produced better content than I could, so I would often use AI for my posts, but learned the hard way that people don’t want AI-generated content; they want to see the real me, with typos and all (lol). Look forward to your next blog post, and hope you keep at it, like you said, drop a comment below to hold you accountable!

    1. Tom

      Totally agree Alison,
      The use of AI as a tool or guidance is fine, I think, but not a thoughtless copy/paste exercise.
      I heard a quote from Alex Hormozi recently: You won’t be replaced by AI, but by people who can use it better.
      English is my second language and I know I will make mistakes in spelling and grammar, but this blog must reflect, who I am.

      Thanks for visiting.


  10. Michael Holt

    Great post, Tom, and good insight there – I’m excited to see what strides you make in the blogosphere (yes, that is still a thing!) as you continue putting out great content.

    1. Tom

      Thanks Michael,
      I have a few posts planned and some saved as drafts so there is more to come.
      As I progress I start feeling more comfortable with posting, now I try to make this more engaging by adding graphics and videos.
      Best of all I have great fun doing it.

      Thanks for visiting.

    1. Tom

      Thank you Karen.
      I treat this blog as a foundation for a solid online business I am going to build here.
      I have a trust in my mentor and I am glad that I have all the support from people like yourself.
      This keeps me accountable and pushes me to create more content.

      All the best.

  11. DeNile Williams

    Hi Tom. My name is DeNile. I am getting started with the Affiliate Program and am stuck on making a web site. Any suggestions?

    1. Tom

      Hi DeNile, you are in the right place. I am just starting my journey in affiliate marketing, and this blog is designed to record all my steps, mistakes and failures as long as the first successes.
      I suggest you get your domain name, and try as it is easy to use and cheap.
      Then you will need hosting, I used, they are cheap, around $3 a month so not a deal breaker.
      Now you will have a solid foundation for your website.
      With Siteground they offer SSL certificates for free and also have a WordPress setup. This is easy to use and within 10 min you will be having your own website foundations sorted.
      WordPress provides many free plugins to build any website you want. They work as a block builder and are easy to use. Try Elementor. I used it before, has many templates and allows you to build websites, opt-in pages and all sales funnels.
      Hope that helps.
      If you have any questions, give me a shout and we can jump on a call so I can take you by hand and help with this set-up.
      All the Best.

  12. Alan Lim

    Hi Tom,

    Just like you, I started my first blog at around 2008 and made all the same mistakes too.

    In fact, I kept starting one new blog after another without seeing things through to the end.

    But now I understand the key to success with blogging is to stick with it for the long term.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best for your blog. Hope to see how your journey progresses over the next few years. Cheers 🙂

    1. Tom

      Thanks Alan,
      Your words and support mean a lot to me.
      I am glad you also have your clarity. Let’s support each other as we are in it for the long run. Is not a sprint, it is a marathon.
      All the Best.

  13. Sarah Goulding

    Thank you for sharing. I’m really guilty for being distracted by my phone. I can be focused on a task and then an e-mail or txt message pops up and I can’t help but look. I will start putting it in a different room- Good tip!
    Looking forward to seeing what your niche is. Good luck!

    1. Tom

      Thank you for visiting.
      I know a well-known social media guru, who does not know the sound of his ringtone, as his mobile is always on silent.
      That tells a lot about it. I purposely do not allow any push notifications, but I am guilty of checking my emails a hundred times a day.
      My next post will be about my niche, so stay tuned!

  14. Sandy

    Great read Tom, Glad you are back on track. I look forward to hearing more from you as the weeks and months go by.

    1. Tom

      Love your comment, Sandy.
      I am more motivated and determined than ever. I have clarity and I stay focused.
      But will need your support to stay this way.
      So please visit again, I will post at least once a week.
      All the Best!

  15. Jon Bowman

    I definitely see social media very distracting as well even though I use it. Look forward to your next blog.

    1. Tom

      Thanks, Jon,
      I used to use it a lot. Most of that time was wasted.
      Then I heard about dopamine detox and tried it. Since then, I think twice before opening an app.
      I plan to post at least once a week, so stay tuned!

  16. Robert Klein

    Fire yourself up Tom! Blogging is live and well.

    I have often heard of the tip to turn the news off, yet I do like to stay up-to-date with current events.

    I look forward to looking over your shoulder for the interesting posts that are worth reading.

    1. Tom

      Thanks, Robert for your comment.
      I know that somehow I will get the most important news.
      I just hate that when driving a car they start the news with “Metropolitan police arrested…” I don’t need to know that.
      I promise to do my best to keep my blogposts entertaining and informative, so my readers won’t waste their time here…
      All the Best.

  17. Jim OBrien

    Hey Tom! Great post.I really like the way you tell your true feelings about all the social media.I agree alot of it is BS and all of it is very distracting.But also as business people will will have to use it. Keep up the good work and I will check back in with you soon. Jim OBrien

    1. Tom

      Thanks Jim,
      I am aware that at some point I will need to dive into it.
      Hence I prefer blogging and Google advertising as my methods to reach a wider audience.
      See you soon.

  18. Sherri Pulcino

    Tom, I like you thought blogging was boring and dead. I did not realize the amount of knowledge can be obtained by reading other’s thoughts and experiences. I can relate to what you do to keep on tract, such as phone in next room and no negative TV. They are distractions that we really don’t need. I look forward to following your blog and your progress.

    1. Tom

      Thank you, Sherri. It is quite inspiring to read other people’s blogs.
      There is a lot of value. I also get the ideas for my next blog posts.
      Until next time.

  19. Stephanie

    I really enjoyed this post Tom. I struggle even today knowing whether posting blogs is going to make my goal of being a successful affiliate marketer a reality. I think in the long haul it will definitely be effective, in the short term , well, it will take a long time. That is my biggest worry that it won’t become fruitful. In the meantime, I will soldier along and follow the guides that have gone before me, while also working on my other social media that I feel is essential to get traffic to my blog.

    1. Tom

      Hi Stephanie,
      thanks for your comment.
      Matt always says Dream, Believe, Achieve. Hi is a close friend of Uri Heller, the mindset guy who also worked closely with Michael Jackson on his mindset. So believe it is possible.
      I think if you want to achieve great results fast, you should choose either Google ads or Facebook ads as a source of traffic. This has not been covered by Dean so far. I decided to use Google Ads as this allows
      me to reach highly targeted audience. In the money-making space, I did a campaign where I had 160 leads within 2 days signed to my email list. I paused it when Dean introduced the Affiliate System as I want to move everything over under one roof with the Affiliate System. Please visit often as I will be posting a lot about google ads for affiliate marketers.
      Trust the system and money will follow.

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