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Number one tool for success

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The number one tool for success to help you achieve your goals.

Last week’s post was about my why, where I explained what I want.

Today I will be diving deeper exposing the number one tool to achieve my goals.

It is a tool that many successful people use. It is about a tool that many people use the wrong way.

In this post, I will focus on training your mind on how to manifest.

But this would be based on neuroscience. And this is what our friend Mel Robbins presented during her podcast session. 

We all know that we need to have the right mindset, positive expectations, vision boards etc. But to have the right mindset means not just thinking positive thoughts and hoping they will come true. And here is the bottom line: you use manifesting to rewire your mind, your body and your spirit to help you to do the work, to achieve your dreams.

Mel Robbins believes that manifestation used correctly removes mental obstacles of self-doubt, fear, procrastination, resistance or feeling overwhelmed. 

She talks about programming, like sportsmen during training preparing the body to take action, boost confidence and get ready. 

But to start, we have to tell the truth where we are. I did that in my first post when I drew a line in the sand. 

Then I declared what I wanted in my last post, check it here. After reading it afterwards I realised it became a sort of vision board. 

Mel Robbins thinks vision boards are important because we take the time to bring our dreams to life. We ground it in reality. Is like sending a signal to our brain that this is important to us.

But here is a twist. Mel Robbins thinks that people put the wrong stuff on a vision board: expensive houses or luxury cars. If that goal is too big, it causes a disconnection. If something will take 10 years to achieve- it is too far away, and is not motivating. In fact demotivates, when you don’t see the path how to get there. If you remember I want a Ford Mustang, and I am sure I can achieve that. If I replaced it with a Lamborghini- it wouldn’t motivate me.

Remember: Manifesting is training your mind, body and spirit to DO the work to make the vision board a reality.

Visualise the steps along the way. You must see the necessary activities: the long days of training, sweat and other hurdles you have to overcome and stop focusing on the results.

Here is the thing: when you visualise yourself taking action you stimulate the same region in the brain as when you doing that action. Is like when Lewis Hamilton goes around an F1 track in his mind before he gets into his bolid -yes, I like F1 🙂

You can call it mental rehearsing, so your brain builds the necessary connections to take the action before your body starts doing it. So in my case, as an affiliate marketer, I visualise that I wake up early before everyone else, when is dark and cold. I grab a cup of hot coffee to write comments on some blogs, create my blog post and prepare a new landing page and ads campaign. That is what I have to do to achieve my Mustang. This way I train my brain. Studies proved, that our mind does not see the difference between what has happened to you and what you imagined, that happened to you. Here is a warning: do not manifest your fears or other negativities, as this will work against you.

When manifesting the most important part is that you  do the things you are visualising. The magic is in your actions. See the steps and simply do them. It should be easier because you have mentally done them, remember Lewis Hamilton’s example? 

And the biggest mistake, pointed out by Mel Robbins: is being impatient.

When people are close to their breakthroughs, they give up.

 Just because it gets harder, they give up, looking for a new shiny object, an easier or faster solution.

This is what my mentor Dean Holland mentioned during the last mentoring call.

The first step is the hardest and probably the longest. In my property journey, it taken me 2 years to buy my first one, then I was able to buy two properties within 3 months. With affiliate marketing, it might take a few months to prepare proper foundation to see the first sale. There will be a time and money invested. 

But guess what Dean Holland pointed out: If I give up now, all this effort would be wasted. New endeavour will mean starting from scratch… 

Manifesting doesn’t mean that something will magically appear, things wan’t happen over night. The magic is is in that work we do, this is what people mean by saying enjoy the process.

Golden nugget from Mell Robbins. What separates people who achieve their goals from who don’t is a quitting day. Mel’s advice is that every day is a  good to quit, so do it tomorrow. In a mean time be patient and take the actions you prepared to do. 

What do you thing about this attitude to manifestation and visualisation? Please let me know in the comment.

To your Success!




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  1. David Roper

    Tom, thank you for this ecouraging post. Because we can not see the future, we never know how close to the finish line we actually are. One thing is for sure, if we give up, we will never reach it! Getting into the right Mindset to reach our goals is a key factor in us being able to cross the finish line.

    1. Tom

      Thank you David,
      yes, this is why I practice procrastination with my quitting day 🙂

  2. Tony

    I think you are right about things being a long way off. I have been wanting to build my house for years, but one thing or another needed to be done first, but now, after years,it is becoming a reality, I now have the planning permission and have just one year to build it,,, the proximity has focused my mind on what i need to do to get the cash to complete the build.

    1. Tom

      Appreciate your comment, Tony.
      Back in 2008 I watched “The Secret” and then I started to listen to Bob Proctor. He was a believer that goals must be as big as we can think of. It didn’t work for me. I set a goal far enough but I must believe I can achieve it.
      All the best with your build!

  3. Michael Holt

    Mindset is so, so important, and though we may have different approaches to reigning in the thoughts and things that so easily pull us off course, daily diligence is key.

    Great insights, Tom. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Denny Medeiros

    Hi Tom, great post!
    Very practical application and steps that can be taken to keep a positive mind focused on our goals.
    I especially appreciate what you wrote about keeping it realistic so it doesn’t demotivate us.
    Look forward to your next posts!

  5. Lauren Millman

    Tom, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your words. I too am starting a new business and I don’t think we can be reminded of this enough. Our mindset absolutely needs to be the foundation of anything we do moving forward. Look forward to reading your next post.

  6. Sherri S Pulcino

    Tom, I’m a firm believer in the power of manifesting our desires. It’s about believing in what we want and putting in the hard work to achieve it. When we blend belief with effort, that’s the winning formula for success!

  7. Alan Lim

    Indeed, the first step is always the hardest. I remember the first time I tried high ticket affiliate marketing, it took me 3 months to get my first high ticket sale, then the next one came a week later, then the next a few days later. But at last, I got distracted by other shiny objects and lose focus. I suppose shiny objects can distract you at any time, not just in the starting.

  8. Graham Frame

    Manifestation is real and can be fast. The best training on manifesting anything in life is almost free and found at I found this training over 20 years ago and although it is a spiritual work and I was at that time an atheist I have never found anything of greater value.
    God bless.

  9. Atif Perwiz

    Tom, I love this topic that you’ve discussed today around mindset. It’s absolutely vital and in fact is more important than anything else. You’re right and what you say about setting your goals too high and then you lose inspiration. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a Lamborghini you just put some steps in between rather than making that the first step. When you want to climb a mountain, you don’t get to the top in one step you take many many steps to get there . It’s so true about not having patience that’s probably the biggest problem. People generally have in life. They expect everything to just happen to happen now. I am a firm believer in getting up early and doing the work while everyone else is asleep. That shows the difference that shows the commitment When people ask how you did it that will come across as a clear difference. I often after the morning prayers stay up and put some work into my blog etc. it’s like we are building something at the moment, it’s a shell of a house, a newly painted body shell of a car, collection of ingredients before we start cooking. It’s not the finish product but one day when it’s finished, people will drive that car eat that food and live in that house. That’s that day I’m looking forward to as I’m sure you are. Fantastic post. Well done, thank you. Atif

    1. Tom

      Much appreciated comment, Atif.
      Working this way we get things done before most people wake up. And when is nice and quiet we can focus better.
      I am impatient, I think I should be further ahead, but then I reflect, how many hours have I actually devoted to that? If I am learning a new skill I can not expect results within hours or days…
      And like you said, brick by brick, post by post I am building solid foundations of an online business. I like Dean’s Holland- our mentor’s quote, Don’t look to get rich quick, look to get rich forever!

      Thnk you.

    1. Tom

      Hey Nakina,
      yes, I definitely had a lot of value from Mel Robbins podcasts.
      If it works for sportsmen to achieve great results, it will work for business owners too.
      It all starts and ends in our minds. Soon when one understands that, all changes. But what I noticed during seminars, people don’t like this subject and want to get to the nitty-gritty technical side of the process. In my opinion, this makes their work harder.

      Take care.

  10. Hi Tom, loved the post. Drawing science into creating realities with our thoughts is a solid sell for going through and applying the process! Thanks for the reminder. Showing you have applied and succeeded by applying the process adds real value to your share. Thanks for this!

    1. Tom

      I am glad you found it useful, Sharel.
      This concept presented by Mel Robbins works for me. I mentioned Bob Proctor, but in his Paradigm Shift he proposes to get the biggest dream you can imagine and Universe will help you to get it. Maybe I am too sceptical, I prefer to rely on myself. Or maybe I am afraid to THING BIG 🙂
      Speak soon.

  11. Marc

    Definitely a great read Tom.
    So many people “dream” of what they call a perfect life when in fact, they should be focusing on improving their state of mind.
    I also believe that by writing down our goals – and your WHY – you can have a better understanding of the steps you need to take to achieve them.

    1. Tom

      Thanks Mark,
      this is a subject I have been working on since I read a book by Joseph Murphy, The Power of your subconscious mind.
      Regarding writing your goals, I was advised that is a good idea to write them down every day as this way they get ingrained into your muscles.

      All the best.

  12. Ernie

    Tom – This was a powerful post and very beneficial to read! Mindfulness’ and the proper mindset are two keys and I am learning this every day with every success and challenge that comes my way. Thank you for reminding me!

  13. Kelli Hansel

    Great post! I agree that we definitely need to have our goals layed out for us, and use them to keep us motivated. Having smaller goals as stepping stones to the bigger goals helps to keep things more managable in our minds. Keeps is real, so to speak. Those big goals can still be there, but not as a first step. You make great points!

  14. Lenny Boucher

    Hi Tom, Love the analogy in sports. Training your mind and body is so important. It is said that ‘practice makes prefect. So it follows that we will succeed if that is true. Remember, if we want to quit today…this is the only time we’re allowed to procrastinate. Put it off to tomorrow. Well done.
    Lenny Boucher recently posted…Grateful For Another ShotMy Profile

  15. Eleanor Hope

    Tom! love your website layout. Also, you are talking about a favorite topic of mine! I used to deliver training on the subject of well-being and mind power was what I loved best to talk about. I am excited to follow your blog and to learn much. One of my favorite quotes that have helped me is from Wayne Dyer. ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Clarity of PurposeMy Profile

  16. Martin Lefebvre

    This is the same approach used by many athletes involved in high level sports competition. The method has been proven. You make me think 🤔 I could use this also to prepare to my marketing tasks. Good point. Let’s try it.
    Thank you Tom.

  17. CJ

    Tom, One of things about the mind I find interesting is that it is the only thing on earth we truly have control over yet it is the one thing people are least likely to spend time training it for success. The mind has become a fascinating study for me. One of my goal for 2024 is to master Tony Robins Ultimate Edge training. The training is all about training your mind. After all you change your mind you change your life. It was once said that 99.99% of anything you do is mental the remaining is the tactics.
    Here’s to training our minds to achieve success!!

  18. Acasha Klewe

    I love that you reference Mel Robbins….I found her about 4 years ago in an interview she did for a Lewis Howes podcast and I have followed her ever since. She helped change my life and my mindset, quite literally! She helped me realize that I have ADHD and have had it my whole life. And with this knowledge helped me realize some strategies I could use to not just manage this but turn it into an asset. Her mindset content is just pure gold in my humble opinion. And your post provides such great clarity on what manifesting is, because I’ve found there is a lot of misconception about it.

    1. Tom

      Thank you Acasha,
      I am a secret lover of Mel Robbins, too.
      I like the way she presents the concepts that are based on science. She spends a lot of time researching and has great knowledge. She has a fabulous voice to listen to.
      Her explanation of what manifesting is was one of the best, I’ve ever heard, hence I wrote this post. And it is so simple, willingness to try. And I have plenty of it when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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