My reason WHY I do affiliate marketing and the story behind it.

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Time to think about my WHY? 

In this post, I will uncover:

  1. How I ended up in England, and the weather is not the answer
  2. What I did to achieve financial freedom
  3. How my financial freedom slipped away
  4. Why I decided that affiliate marketing is my vehicle to success.

As Simon Sinek’s book title states, Start with Why?

Why am I starting this blog, why I have chosen affiliate marketing, and why do I want to be financially free?

Why is the reason that motivates you to get up in the morning. It is a central core belief that drives you forward every day.  If you read the book mentioned above you know about The Golden Circle, where there is Why, then How and lastly What. I look like the bullseye target with three rings.

My why? and what it inspires me. My mentor Dean Holland wrote a great book called “The Iceberg Effect” where he dedicated all chapter to discover your why? To help with this he introduced simple but powerful exercise. Ask yourself “why?” until you run out of answers to give. This will reveal your true why. You can grab a free copy of that book here, just pay a couple of bucks for the postage.

Before we dive in, let me take you back to 2006 when I decided to migrate from Poland to the United Kingdom. It wasn’t an easy decision. I was 28 years old. I had my small online business, had a girlfriend and there was only one problem.


As the opportunity arose I decided to move to the United Kingdom for a couple of years to resolve my money problem. I had to leave family and friends behind, including my girlfriend. I was heartbroken.

So imagine me, selling everything that I’ve got, and migrating to a different country. At that time I couldn’t speak English and had only £100 in my pocket. I had a roof above my head- where I was offered to stay with my younger brother, who came to the UK a year earlier. 

On the first of March 2006, I stepped into the English soil for the first time.  

It took me 4 weeks to find my first job (with no language skills) at the minimum wage. But slowly I started to learn English and save up some money. Bought a car and 3 months later met a girl, who now is my wife Emilia.

To earn more I got a truck driving licence and started to work for well-known big food supplying companies and get paid better wages. 

This is where my online marketing interest first came into play. I started a blog and touched internet marketing for the first time. At the time when my current mentor Dean Holland met Alex Jeffreys, I went to a different seminar to learn about property investing.

There I decided to create my passive income through property.

I bought an expensive course with monthly mentoring meet-ups in Milton Keynes. I learned a lot about how to find and fund property. I bought my first 3 properties within 2 years, one was to live in. For some people this may be a slow start, but for me as an immigrant quite a big achievement.

At this point, I got married to Emilia and started a family. My first son Dominik was born. Within the next couple of years, I built my portfolio, while still working as a lorry driver. I flipped a few properties for a quick profit after doing extensive renovation. During this time my second son Patryk was born.

Fast forward to 2022, I achieved financial freedom but still was working as a lorry driver.

To clarify, financial freedom means that I had money coming in that was equal to my monthly expenses. To understand this subject better I can refer you to Dean’s book mentioned earlier, “The Iceberg Effect” where he devoted a whole chapter to it, called “Life by Design” and again this is a thought-provoking exercise. Don’t delay grab your copy for free plus shipping cost.  

Back to my story. Big grey clouds started to show on the horizon. Two inspired by the government.

First was the introduction of Section 24 where my mortgage payments become classified as part of my income and I have to pay tax on it. (Probably the only country in the world where my expenses for running a business are classified as my income and as such are partially taxed. Insane and I am still fuming writing this).

Second, we went into recession. Interest rates started to rise and so did mortgage payments. Although I was slowly increasing the rents, this didn’t cover all the extra payments. 

My financial freedom that tasted so great slipped away, for now.

Here is the reason why I turned back to online marketing: I do not want to be involved in a business where the government can change the rules every time it needs money. 

The second reason is, as I am still working full time, my combined income pushes me to a higher tax bracket and as an employee, I can’t do too much about it. Having a business is a far better option, as I can spend money on my business before it gets taxed. Huge advantage. Will dive deeper into it in one of my future posts. 

The third reason is my mum. She still lives in Poland and with her age, she starts to develop more health issues. As I and my siblings live in the UK, I have to take into consideration that at some point I may need to get back to look after her.

We as a family love to travel.

Last year every 3 months we went on holidays visiting Tenerife, Poland and Portugal. There are many places we want to visit, including Turkey, Egypt, India and Thailand.

My big dream.

I am not a petrolhead, but I have a dream. It’s a blue Ford Mustang V6 305 BHP with a 3.7 L engine and automatic gearbox. This is the only car that turns my head around when I see it. It’s not a fancy lambo, but this will be enough for me. For now.

This car must be paid for with money I will earn as an affiliate marketer. So far I earned enough to buy a wheel nut for it. Only one 🙁

In conclusion, I have a few goals for the near and far future. There is more but what I wrote above is at the top of the list. This is the reason why when I go to bed, I want to fall asleep as fast as possible because I can not wait for the morning when I wake up, get my bulletproof coffee and start to work on my online business. 



Let me know below what is your reason why?

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  1. Tony Simms

    wow, what a fantastic achievement to start with nothing and no language and become a multiple property owner in just a few years. With determination like that, there will be no stopping you. On another note, growing up, my dad always told me “those that know ‘how’ work for those that know ‘why'”

    1. Tom

      Thanks Tony, I will make a note of that quote.
      It is so true.
      Although I still work, I know it is a way to get me to the next destination, I mean goal. But there are so many steps and, a long list of goals. I am committed to doing one at a time, learning how to walk before I run.
      All I achieved was thanks to my mentors. I had a few good property mentors. I will make a post about them in the future.
      Now I am learning affiliate marketing from Dean Holland and his team. In my opinion, this is a necessary shortcut. He has been there, achieved what I want to achieve and now is successfully helping others to do the same. He has a blog, called because he believes that to be successful, you need to fail, but then get up and carry on. His mentor advised him to “Fail Forward Fast”, which is another good piece of advice.

      To your success.

  2. Graham

    Wow! Not many are brave enough to leave where they live in search of a better life. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and that’s the only way we can really grow.
    My personal reasons for wanting to make money in Affiliate Marketing are to supplememnt a non-profit community I am a part of which is set up to help people all over the world find the inspiration to unlock the prison doors of poverty. Poverty is described in many ways and “the poverty line” set by those who don’t truly understand what poverty is or means. It is different for everyone and is a mindset rather than a lack of being able to survive.
    However I enjoyed your post and look forward to following you on your journey to your own personal success. God bless.

    1. Tom

      Thank you Graham, you have a fabulous reason why.
      That is a great point, regarding a mindset.
      I came to England to work hard and have a better future. I am surprised how many people living in this country can not do this for themselves. I understand some might have health issues or family problems, we all do.
      But that is down to mindset. I listen to great mentors, in my spare time audiobooks or podcasts.
      I do not listen to the garbage on the radio or TV. They say we have a cost of living crisis, while many people drive new cars, eat out, spending money left, right and centre. If I had a money problem, eating out would be the first cut I make. I can cook at home for a fraction of the cost. And many more…
      I am glad you want to change that. Good luck and all the best.

  3. Alison Blaire

    Wow! What a journey you have been on! I commend your determination and resilience and wish you success in 2024 in buying your Mustang and so much more!

    1. Tom

      Great to see you here Alison,
      you are right. It was a rollercoaster journey, but I gained a lot of business experience, how to build a team and how to work effectively. All thanks to the great mentors I had over the last couple of years.
      Probably I will need to make a post about them, what I have learned from them and so on. What do you think?
      Please visit often to see my ups and downs with affiliate marketing.
      All the best.

  4. Nathan

    Your story is very interesting. I relate to your why – I have a good job that pays well, but I still want more time to spend with my family, and more freedom to travel with them around the world.

    I’ll be interested to see how things are going for you.

    1. Tom

      Thank you Nathan.
      This is the modern slavery. We get paid well, we feel comfortable and most people will be happy with it. But to grow we need to leave that comfort zone.
      I am glad you want more from life. As you know I love to travel, there are many places on my list I want to visit.
      Please visit often as I will be sharing all my experiences, good or bad, with online marketing.
      See you next time.

  5. Karen Elissabeth

    Hey Tom, I really enjoyed reading your post, your story and about your WHY. It is vital to know what that really is. I found out my why by doing what Dean had written in his book. The thing was before I started that exercise I was pretty sure I knew my why – it seemed obvious to me but I was intrigued by what Dean said. Once I went through the exercise I found I had a much deeper reason for wanting to start an online business, work for myself, generate my own income and live my best life. I was surprised when I got to the answer but at the same time, the answer made perfect sense to me. That result also answered a lot about other things in my life, why I felt the way I did about certain things and why I desired certain things. It was an excellent exercise to do. You have been so brave in your life and taken chances like moving from Poland to England without any money or being able to speak the language, also having to leave your loved ones and your then-girlfriend. Along the way, you have gathered a lot of experience, had great successes and down times too but they are learning experiences so it all adds to the flavour of life. I admire your determination to better your life then and now. Oh and the Mustang…awesome and I love the colour of that one!. Many many years ago my cousin went out with a guy who had a Mach 1 Mustang. I will never forget the day he pulled up in her driveway in it…it was yellow and my eyes almost popped out of my head. He took us for a ride and that was that I have loved them ever since. Best of luck to you Tom on your journey ahead. I look forward to revisiting your blog to read your posts and your progress!
    Karen Elissabeth recently posted…Hello 2024!My Profile

    1. Tom

      Thank you Karen,
      I appreciate your comment. When I started with properties I felt like it took me ages to buy the first one. Lack of money, fear of mortgages. But after the first one next ones were far easier to acquire.
      I am glad that you did the exercise. Many people read a book, skip the exercise to come back to it, and never do. Speak from my own experience:)
      And that deep dive is necessary to fully understand our motivations. Usually, money is not a good motivator. For me, my family and time for them and with them is the essence.
      Thanks again for visiting,

  6. Nakina Lawson

    My biggest why is family-related. I want to be able to help family whenever a money issue rears its ugly head. We are aging, and I think mostly of health costs. Sickness is bad enough without having to worry about paying to get better. Oh, I might explain, I live in the U.S. Getting sick can mean financial devastation. I don’t want family to have to worry about where they will live if they need care. And, even more so, I’d like to enable my family to dream big about what they’d like to do. I’d like to have plenty of free time to build memories and laugh together. It’s very important to me. And, you’ll like this! My husband has a ’96 Camaro whose engine needs to be rebuilt. It hasn’t run in eight years. I’d love to make his dreams come true and get that running again with a beautiful paint job! Best of luck to you, Tom! Looking forward to your next post!
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…Quarterly Planning Gave Me The “Oomph!” I NeedMy Profile

    1. Tom

      Thank you, Nakina, I can relate to that.
      My mum needs an operation. That opened my eyes to the costs of healthcare and how much time is required to look after loved ones. Although I am 45 I start to look 20 years ahead to the official retirement time. Hence properties and online business.
      I hope you can bring back to life your husband’s Camaro, such a lovely sound silenced for so long. I keep my fingers crossed.
      Have a good day!

  7. Alan Lim

    Wow, you’ve have really achieved a lot over the years. Seriously, I couldn’t tell that you’re not a native English speaker. You write extremely well.

    Sad to say, I don’t think there are any businesses that are immune to government rules, even affiliate marketing.

    For example, this year in my country, GST has raises from 8% to 9%, which means if I run ads, I will have to pay for the GST. Many years ago, there was no need to pay GST when running ads. They just want a piece of everything.

    1. Tom

      I noticed that Alan. Regulations change all the time.
      The only way to deal with it is to adapt and carry on. Recent changes in email marketing and a new way to engage with an audience are perfect examples. I we don’t learn about it and adapt, we will be out of business.
      Hence I believe that multiple streams of business income are a must nowadays.

      All the best.

  8. JC

    Tom, I have to agree starting with your “Why” is critical. Its what helps us keep going when things are good and not so good. I cannot imagine working hard to be financially free and having the government snatch that away. It had to be very disheartening to say the least. However, I am proud of your courage to get backup, dust off and try again. In times like that you see the true charter of a person. I am proud you and know when you hit your financial freedom again it will be even more sweet then the first. CJ

    1. Tom

      I appreciate your comment CJ.

      Many years ago I read a book by Spencer Johnson, “Who Moved My Cheese?” about how to spot changes and how to adapt. Adaptation to a new situation is the key to growth and expansion. I highly recommend it, it’s short but has a powerful message.
      That was my motivation to start with a different business model. To start earning online in the comfort of your own home. And as I still want to buy a few more properties, online marketing seems to be the best tool to create multiple streams of business income.

      Speak soon.

    1. Tom

      Sorry to hear about your accident Martin.
      I know how quickly everything can change, hence always wanted to have multiple income streams. On the other side, I want to have an easier life and spend more time at home with my wife and kids.
      Additionally, if I can pass on the making money online skills to my kids that would be the best reward for all my efforts.
      Have a good day!

  9. Atif Perwiz

    Tom, what an amazing story. You sacrificed your whole life in Poland to come over here and start again. You have done really really well to come here and get a job so quickly whilst not speaking the language and then building up to Family, job, and then your property business as well. That’s very impressive. Well done, you should be very proud of yourself. It’s very inspiring story and I can’t wait for you to tell us when you get your mustang. I too have a couple of cars on my list but they’re right at the bottom after paying off the mortgage retiring my wife and other expenses. Well done, awesome story and a great blog.. thanks, Atif

    1. Tom

      Thank you Atif.
      Yes, it was challenging to start with. My first goal was to find a job where there were no Polish people so I could learn quickly, otherwise I wouldn’t be making any progress. I feel your pain about debts and mortgages. For the first couple of years, I had to pay off some outstanding debts in Poland. I have a couple of mortgages I want to pay off before they run out so when I retire I don’t have any. And yes, a Mustang would be a reward for a successful business online.
      I am glad you like my blog.
      Speak soon. Tom

  10. Martin Lefebvre

    Nice story Tom. It should be really difficult to adapt to another country when you have to learn the language. Judging by how you write your blog, you no longer have this problem at all. So you don’t like the weather in England? Come to Canada, you’ll love it! (a bit sarcastic here). I really like your blue, 305bhp goal. Mine would be a flying goal. That is, my own Cessna airplane one day. I hope for the best to come.

    1. Tom

      Thanks Martin,
      After 18 years I don’t mind the English weather. There were some great years with high temperatures and beautiful summers. Winter is very mild, nothing like Canada or Poland. I went to see my Mum last week and they had a couple of cold nights around -20 Celsius.
      I like your goal about Cessna, is 172 you are going for? Do you have a pilot licence? That is a fabulous skill to have.
      I had a property mentor who was taking flying lessons.
      I will post shortly about lessons I learned from a billionaire, who came to an event in his own Aston Martin helicopter. You will love it, I have some great pictures too.

      Speak soon.

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